About Us

We provide the convenience of a specialist mobile personal training service

PT 2 Your Door is just that: we bring results-based personal training to your door. We operate throughout Newcastle, providing all our clients with the ease and convenience of our specialist mobile personal training service.

Feel and look amazing – without joining a gym!

PT 2 Your Door was founded in 2015 by qualified personal trainer Gene Kelly. Gene recognised that many people were not benefiting from the many advantages that the fitness industry has to offer. Typically, those wanting to exercise and to benefit from the expert services of a personal trainer had to join a gym. Many people do not have the time or money to join a gym and travel there regularly. Others simply do not enjoy or feel comfortable in the typical gym environment. PT 2 Your Door offers an innovative and incredibly convenient service: mobile personal trainers who come to you.

Think about it...
No expensive gym membership fees.
No need to lose time fighting through traffic congestion.
No more feeling self-conscious in an image-focused gym.
No more waiting for equipment when the gym is uncomfortably busy.
No need to spend a hefty amount on home gym equipment.
No more being just another number in a large group.
With our service you stand to benefit in so many ways...
Without travelling, you will add precious time to your day.
All necessary gym equipment is delivered to your door.
Our mobile service means you will find time for exercise sessions.
Enjoy an intensive training program in the comfort of your own home or any other convenient location.
Receive dedicated attention and focus from a personal trainer.
Benefit from the knowledge and support from personal training specialists.
Get those amazing all-important results that you truly deserve.
100% Money-back Guarantee.
PT 2 Your Door is the best way to save time and money, and get superior results.

Take advantage of our special offer today!

Contact PT 2 Your Door today and get a FREE consultation AND personal training session! We will not just give you a great workout: we will also discuss your specific goals and show you how you can best achieve them.